Learning how to be a chef!

I’ve never once cooked at home before, unless you count the times when I helped my mom stir-fry the food while she was out washing the dishes or preparing other food for cooking. I’ve also never handled a knife before. Going on an overseas exchange has a lot of firsts for me, and cooking is one of them! From the supermarket to the chopping board to the frying pan and finally to my mouth – it’s an awesome experience! I love cooking!

Here are some of the dishes my roomie and I whipped up. Maybe some day I should start a food blog with recipes to accompany the dishes!

This is one of the very first dishes that we cooked, because it’s so simple. Bolognese!


Hainanese chicken rice with xiao bai cai!


Brussels sprouts with shallot and sesame oil. Some people hate it but it’s only because they ate the overcooked version which smells like rotten eggs. Our version tastes heavenly. One of our favourite veg dish, and healthy too!


Carbonara. Another easy dish.


One of our more elaborate dishes. Clockwise: Teriyaki chicken, spinach, rice, fried eggs


Fried egg noodles with xiao bai cai


Fried mackerel with homemade coleslaw and mashed potato


Fried rice with spring onions, luncheon meat and egg


Pan-fried salmon with mashed potatoes


Bak Kut Teh (pork rib soup) with rice and xiao bai cai


Honey-glazed chicken wings with fried asparagus and potato salad